Trump Raises False ‘Election Danger’ Flag On Twitter Like A Violence-Loving Fiend


With 2018 mid-term elections across the country one day away, you can expect plenty of Trump tweets to hit Twitter in the next few days. Within one hour, Trump managed to tweet three different tweets on three different subjects while still managing to insult CNN.

In his first tweet, Trump tweeted:

‘I need @claudiatenney of #NY22 to be re-elected in order to get our big plans moving. Her opponent would be a disaster. Nobody works harder than Claudia, and she is a producer. I look forward to working together with her – she has my Strongest Endorsement! Vote Claudia!’

Take that one seriously, folks. He capitalized the words “strongest endorsement.” The race between Rep. Claudia Tenney and Democratic nominee Anthony Brindisi is basically anyone’s guess with Tenney at 46 percent and Brindisi at 45 percent. Nine percent are undecided.

In the next tweet, Trump criticized CNN of running fake news about voter suppression.

‘So funny to see the CNN Fake Suppression Polls and false rhetoric. Watch for real results Tuesday. We are lucky CNN’s ratings are so low. Don’t fall for the Suppression Game. Go out & VOTE. Remember, we now have perhaps the greatest Economy (JOBS) in the history of our Country!’

First off, there is nothing great about our country right now. Nothing is great about a country when someone walks into a synagogue and kills eleven people because they are Jewish.

Trump went on to tweet about Florida’s race for the Senate between Sen. Bill Nelson and Gov. Rick Scott. Trump criticized Nelson for never calling him.

‘REMEMBER FLORIDA: I have been President of the United States for almost two years. During that time Senator Bill Nelson didn’t call me once. Rick Scott called constantly requesting dollars plus for Florida. Did a GREAT job on hurricanes. VOTE SCOTT!’

Currently, a Quinnipiac poll shows Nelson leading Scott with 51 percent to 44 percent.

One thing about Trump’s repeated tweeting today. If Trump is tweeting about a candidate, it means that candidate has a good chance of losing to a Democrat, and that’s a good thing, folks.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.