Trump Releases Narcissistic Monday Night Tweet & Gets Mocked Into Oblivion


Here we go again…

Next up on the Midterm-Campaign-of-Lies, this evening Trump attempted to take credit for the economy and Twitter users taught him a history (and economic) lesson.

Literally, Twitter users are teaching the president of the United States how the economy got to where it is:

Interesting. For those of you who may not be sure how Obama started the economy on the correct path and why Trump is false in claiming he should receive all of the credit, check out this short video from Robert Reich:

It is a fact that Trump’s current, golden economic uptick is simply  continuation of the steady increases that were gained by the Obama administration over the years.

Here are just a few of those facts: Once Trump took office in January 2017, unemployment had already declined 4.8%, which happened under Obama. The 4.8% was an even 10% in 2009. As for the GDP (or gross domestic product), it has risen every single year for the past nine years, as well as the stock market. You can check out all of the various ways that Trump’s self-proclaimed economic credit is incorrect here.

Another fun fact is that Trump, in comparison with his predecessors, actually lags on overall economic growth when put up against the duration for which he has, so far, been in office. Check out this article from Brookings Institute from just a little over five months ago, which explains how his claims in May this year are just as incorrect as his claims this month about the economy.

Even certain Twitter users shared their lovely graphics with Trump on the matter:

You truly can’t help stupid and you also can’t save the Midterms when you’re so quick to be discredited.

Featured image via YouTube.