Trump Throws Monday Night Rally Tantrum Over #MeToo Like A Woman-Hater


At a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, Trump once again complained about all the things he cannot say because of the rules around being “PC,” and then he said them anyway. Of course, asking Trump to be respectful, which is all being politically correct really means, is just asking too much.

Before introducing his oldest daughter as a speaker, Trump started to call her “really, really beautiful,” but stopped short.

‘I know they’ll say this is nepotism, but the truth is, she’s a very, very — you’re not allowed to use the word ‘beautiful’ anymore when you talk about women, it’s politically incorrect.’

Trump then said “I will never call a woman beautiful again” before insisting that the men in the crowd pledge to never call their wives beautiful. Of course, Ivanka isn’t Trump’s wife.

No one minds that a father thinks his daughter is beautiful, either. “Perhaps if she weren’t my daughter, I’d be dating her,” however, goes about a hundred steps over the creepy line, and being politically correct doesn’t factor in there. Nor does it break any “PC rules” when a father says that what he most has in common with his daughter is sex. Trump said that about Ivanka.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if Ivanka Trump is beautiful. Being tall and naturally thin is just a case of lucky DNA. It’s rather easy to meet beauty standards when a woman has billions of dollars to spend on her looks. A president should no more appoint a woman to a high office in the White House based on her looks than he should based on her family connection to him.

Twitter was disgusted at Trump’s twisted rhetoric. Read some of their comments below:

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