Andrew Gillum Causes A Ruckus When He Shows Up To Vote (VIDEO)


Unlike Donald Trump, Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has used no fear-mongering tactics and no childish insults to campaign for his seat. Yet, he can draw crowds just by going to the polls with his family to vote.

After voting (for himself, of course), Gillum, with his baby in his arms and his children trailing behind him, spoke to reporters.

‘We’re extremely excited. This has been a long journey, 21 months moving across the state of Florida, talking to everybody that we can meet, even as late as yesterday in the panhandle of the state, talking to folks that are part of the state, that a lot of folks don’t think might go my way…But that’s okay because what I want folks over there to know, including in the deepest red areas, is that I want to be their governor too. And in order for that to be true, you gotta go there, you gotta hear from people, you gotta talk to folks and let them know that you plan to work on their behalf too.’

Gillum has faced racist rhetoric from his opponent and social media attacks from Trump and Trump, Jr. from the day he won the Democratic primary. As Florida had the opportunity to elect their first black governor, Gillum’s opponent Ron DeSantis warned voters not to “monkey this up” by voting for Gillum.

Trump told rally-goers that black candidates like Gillum and Georgia’s Stacey Abrams are unqualified to lead in their states and Trump, Jr. has made much of an FBI investigation into corruption in Tallahassee government where Gillum serves as mayor, although he has never been a target of that investigation.

Despite all this negativity, Gillum’s positive campaign message and focus on real issues like healthcare have made him quite popular in Florida, where he leads DeSantis in the polls by 3.6 points, just above the margin of error.

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