BREAKING: Votes For Virginia House Seat Are Finally Counted


The votes have finally been counted in Virginia, starting off the announcements for winners in the historic election. Never before have we seen Americans so fired up about the politicians they are backing, and America’s uneducated have a sudden dangerous curiosity about politics that could lead this day to a scary end.

In Virginia, however, Democrats just won the seat in the House of Representatives.

According to NY Times:

“Voters delivered their first forceful rebuke of President Trump and his party on Tuesday night, with Democrats exploiting Mr. Trump’s deep unpopularity to capture the governorships in Virginia and New Jersey and make significant inroads into suburban communities that once favored the Republican Party.”

The publication continued:

“Mr. Northam was propelled to victory over Ed Gillespie, the Republican nominee, by liberal and moderate voters who were eager to send a message to Mr. Trump in a state that rejected him in 2016. Mr. Northam led Mr. Gillespie by nearly nine percentage points with 99 percent of precincts reporting, the widest victory in decades for a Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia.”