Deranged Man Flips Out At Polling Station & Gets Hit With Reality Instantly


A very crazy-looking man was arrested at a polling station in South Franklin Township, Pennsylvania this morning. People working the polls at this said that the man became agitated once he learned that he was not registered to vote, according to the county’s criminal complaint.

The fool’s name is Christopher Queen and to amp-up the level of crazy, he reportedly told poll workers that he was promised a “gun and money” if he votes “straight party.”

Being Election Day today, millions of people are heading out to vote, and unfortunately, that means that the crazies are out in full force. In addition to this situation in South Franklin Township, Pa., another man was taken in for a mental health evaluation in Palm Bay, Florida after he was seen sitting in his vehicle with a gun in his lap. He was not arrested.

‘Palm Bay Police Lt. Steve Bland said passers-by getting into their cars on Tuesday saw the man sitting in his vehicle with a gun on his lap. They called 911 and police arrived as the man was driving out of the parking lot.’

Since Day 1 of Trump’s presidency, hate crimes and related violence have steadily been on the rise all across the country, per FBI data.

One cannot help but wonder if his continued divisive rhetoric is to blame for the cases of mental illness we’ve seen on display at various locations today. Regardless of uproarious pleas for Trump to calm down his hate and fear-mongering (the White House denies that he is to blame), in true Trump-form he does it anyway.

Featured Image via YouTube.