GOP Representative Announces Loss Of House Seat, Says Trump Is To Blame


Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) is one of the very few Republicans who has dared to say anything contrary to Donald Trump. Of course, he did resign after eight terms. Still, what Issa said was stunning.

In a surprising move, the congressman said that the Democratic candidate running for his seat had a good chance of winning. Issa could have waited until the polls closed, because everyone knows that those last-minute remarks carry the heaviest weight of all. Yet, he did not wait.

The representative from California talked was on the Fox News program America’s Newsroom:

‘Quite frankly, we know the results already. It will be a Democrat representing La Jolla to Solana Beach for the first time in a number of years.’

The congressman chalked his reason for leaving up to term limits, but word was that Issa had no chance of winning against a Democrat. Here is what Issa said:

‘If you don’t believe in term limits after 18 years, when do you? So it was time. My district was never in play this cycle, and so it was never funded, and quite frankly we know the results already and there will be a Democrat representing La Jolla and Solana Beach for the first time in a number of years. I have to remind people I took that part of the district from a Democrat and someday it will be taken back. For now California is leaning very hard to the left.”

Issa explained what he considered the Republicans’ downfall to be. In doing so, he stepped away from directly criticizing Trump, but the congressman implied that president did not talk about the economy enough. Instead, POTUS stayed on his immigrant path, which does not play well in most areas of California. Issa said:

‘(We were) outspent two or three to one in a number of these seats. But there’s been enough money to get the message out that the growth in job and economy has to do with policies not from California, but from Washington that are making a difference in our economy and the proof is in everyone’s paycheck.’

The retiring congressman announced he was leaving back in January. Yet, he was optimistic that the GOP would get his seat back one day:

‘Someday it will be taken back, but for now California is leaning very hard to the left.’

Issa used to be the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Even though, he realized that he would not have a chance of winning in his upcoming election, the congressman played the royal tribute to Trump as so many other members of Congress have done.

Rumor has it that Issa may be considering a role in Trump’s administration. The White House said that the commander-in-chief nominated Issa to lead the United States Trade and Development Agency. Still, Issa noted:

‘(He was) looking forward to life after Congress.’

That still left the question: What does “life after Congress” mean to Issa?

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.