JUST IN: Bomb Threat At Polling Site Causes Complete Chaos – Police Intervene


After an emotional and violent beginning to the month of November, everyone’s been on high-alert especially on election day with many polling places ramping up security. So far, there have been two recorded threats at polling sites which prompted quick responses from law enforcement.

In Melbourne, Florida, 65-year-old Daniel Chen was arrested after calling in a bomb threat to the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections Office. WFTV reported:

‘Deputies said Daniel Chen called the office and made the threat because he was upset about the number of unsolicited calls he was receiving from political candidates.’

During the phone call, he threatened to blow the building up, gave the officials his name and phone number, and then admitted to officers that he made the treat. He was arrested and is being held on $15,000 bond.

Another man was arrested in Pennsylvania after threatening to go on a shooting spree at a polling site in Washington County, Pennsylvania.

According to WPXI, Christopher Queen believed he had been told he would receive a gun and money if he voted on a straight ticket.

‘BREAKING: Man arrested for threatening to shoot up a Washington County polling place. Witnesses told me an elderly poll worker was shaking uncontrollably after he left.’

In addition to these two threats, a polling site in Palm Bay, Florida was put on lockdown after someone saw a man with a gun in a car. However, after investigating, it was found the 80-year-old man was not a threat. Florida Today reported:

‘The man was known to sit in the parking lot daily as he waited to go see his wife in a nearby assisted living facility. “By the time officers arrived, the gun was put away. It doesn’t appear to be any threat.”‘

Also, the gun was found to be unloaded.

The polling site soon resumed operations.

So, what does this say about America? It says we live in an era where people fear for their safety while doing the most mundane of things. You can’t attend worship services without being gunned down. You can’t go vote without someone threatening to shoot up the place. Seeing someone with a gun strikes fear in people.

This can all be tied back to the dangerous rhetoric Trump spews regularly at the rallies he continuously holds. With the 2018 mid-term elections coming to an end, the rallies will only continue, and his rhetoric will only get worse as he attempts to keep the presidency in the hands of the GOP.

Although Trump recently said he wished he could have a softer tone, it is highly doubtful that’s what will be happening. Trump even said he felt like he had no choice in the matter, however.

‘I would like to have a much softer tone. I feel to a certain extent I have no choice, but maybe I do.’

He did say in the recent interview he’ll be working on delivering a softer tone to hopefully create a bridge between the GOP and Democrats.

Featured image via Facebook screenshot.