McCain’s Former Aide Drops Endorsement That Echoes John’s Trump Hate


The former chief of staff and speechwriter for the late Arizona state Republican, John McCain, is calling on Democrats and encouraging the Blue Wave. Mark Salter tweeted an early morning tweet encouraging Democrats to rebuke Trump.

Salter was a longtime confidant to McCain, so much so that he even helped him write his last book, “The Restless Wave” in May of this year.

Salter has been a longtime critic of Donald Trump, dating back to 2016, when Salter announced his support for Hillary Clinton. In May that year he said:

‘[T]he GOP is going to nominate for President a guy who reads the National Enquirer and thinks it’s on the level.

‘I’m with her.’

In June 2016, he wrote a scathing op-ed for Real Clear Politics, where he explained his support in-depth for Clinton over Trump, stating in part that he feels Trump’s “knowledge is superficial,” that he projects “intellectual laziness” and also that he “possesses the emotional maturity of a 6-year old” just to mention some of what Salter states in his damning piece.

‘Whatever Hillary Clinton’s faults, she’s not ignorant or hateful or a nut. She acts like an adult, and understands the responsibilities of an American president. That might not be a ringing endorsement. But in 2016, the year of Trump’s s campaign, it’s more than enough.’

It is likely that Salter’s thoughts spilled over into McCain’s 2018 book. It made headlines when McCain requested that Trump not attend his funeral earlier this year, however, that was not before McCain’s outright opposition towards Trump in “The Restless Wave.”

After relentless attacks on John McCain at his rallies earlier this year in May, Salter had this to say to Trump:

It is somewhat comforting to know that a voice of reason has spoken out against Trump and his politics on this Midterm Election Day, and Twitter agrees with you, Mark.

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