Melania Trump Tweets About Election Day Voting & Gets Mocked Hard


First Lady Melania Trump has a way of sending out messages. Sometimes we do not get her intent, for example, when she wore a jacket that read on the back “I Really, Don’t Care Do You?” This time her message was very clear.

Melania Trump sent out an early morning tweet on Election Day with one word and one symbol. It read “VOTE” and had a waving United States flag beneath.

Her larger tweet did not say “VOTE for DONALD” or “VOTE REPUBLICAN” or even “VOTE GOP.” Melania Trump could have easily have done that, but she did not.

The words at the top of the VOTE message appeared miniature in comparison to the tall red blocky word. They read:

‘Vote Red ?? MAGA ?? Vote.GOP’

Certainly, the first lady had to appease her husband. She added the smaller words in her message, but it would have been easy for readers to have overlooked them.

Mrs. Trump. apparently. did not want to move into the White House. Her friends and life were in New York City. After nearly six months, she moved from the gilded penthouse in NYC to the more austere and somber People’s House. Maybe, all first ladies have felt as if they were renters, which in a way, they were.

POTUS sent in his absentee vote in several weeks ago. A total of 40 million people took advantage of early voting in 2018 versus 27.5 million in 2014. Unfortunately, some states do not have that advantage, Missouri, for example. That made it more difficult for people who work to make it to the polls.

Donald Trump voted absentee a couple of weeks ago. In doing so, Trump joined an estimated 40 million U.S. voters, up from the 27.5 million who voted early in the 2014 midterms, according to theĀ United States Election Project.

Melania Trump is registered to vote in New York City. However, there has been no word when or whether she voted. Maybe, her message was just to her husband, after all.

Twitter world went crazy. Check out our favorites below:

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.