Senator Caught Harassing Teen Girl Holding Political Signs – Police Come To Rescue


The 2018 midterms have seen some pretty overwhelming displays of crazy, but Election Day brought out even more than expected. In Alabama, a state senator was busted by Muscle Shoals Police harassing a 17-year-old girl for holding a political sign for the senator’s opponent.

When the adult man was confronted by police officers for taking her picture, which no doubt was intimidating for a teenage girl, the senator, Larry Stutts insisted that he had every legal right to do so, which is true. That doesn’t make it any less intimidating for an underage girl. Stutts then proceeded to tell the police what the law is.

‘I’m sure you’re aware that it’s illegal to advertise on a state right-of-way.’

The officer said no one had called to complain and that he was more concerned about Stutt’s people having thrown coffee on the girl earlier in the day.

The state senator is not popular in Alabama. According to an op-ed in the Alabama Political Reporter, Stutts has been sued multiple times for malpractice during his years as a physician and has spent a lot of time as a senator trying to repeal laws that would hold him accountable for the deaths of his patients and their babies.

‘Since the day Stutts set foot in the Alabama Legislature, he has experienced one problem after another — almost all of them of his own making — and rarely found himself on the good end of a news story…It started with the third bill he introduced — to repeal a law created when one of his patients died following childbirth. (Oh, and just a BTW here: he was sued over that death too, and eventually settled with deceased’s husband.)’

Police eventually had to insist that Stutts leave, but not before he complained about being filmed by officers during the encounter. The officer recording him had to remind him that the difference between Stutts taking his photos and the officer recording Stutts is that she is “a 17-year-old girl, and you’re a public official.”

It seems that someone currently in a position of power would know that already.

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