Ted Cruz Meets Triumph The Insult Comic Dog & The Outcome Is Hilarious


Who could better do the job of bringing the most anticipated Senate race, the one in Texas between incumbent Ted Cruz and newcomer Beto O’Rourke, to late night television than Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?

Reporting from the ground for Stephen Colbert’s show, Triumph visited both an O’Rourke and a Cruz rally, and his reporting was hilarious. Triumph even got to meet the candidates, and his conversation with O’Rourke was lighthearted and fun.

‘I love the way you are anybody but Ted Cruz…with the uncertainty about voting machines, is it now more important than ever for Democrats to go out there and vote twice?’

O’Rourke laughed and reminded him that Americans can and should only vote once. “That’s the law.”

When the puppet, voiced by Robert Smigel, reached the Cruz rally, he noted the different look and feel of the crowds.

‘I’m here at the Ted Cruz rally, or a Duck Dynasty cosplay convention, I’m not sure.’

Although Cruz clearly did not want to speak with the puppet, he did attempt a joke. Triumph asked Cruz about some of the nastiness he had to overlook to support Donald Trump in these final days of the midterm elections.

‘Ted, is it true you will defend the Constitution at all costs except for when Donald Trump calls it ugly on Twitter?’

Cruz laughed him off and later said:

‘Just remember: It wasn’t the Republicans, it was the Democrats that took you into the vet to get fixed and there is freedom on the other side.’

Ever the one with the quick and hilarious comeback, Triumph answered:

‘I support spaying and neutering, just like Trump did to you!’

See the full segment below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube