Trump & Giuliani Hit With New Money Laundering Investigation – Donald Spazzes

Another investigation has landed upon Donald Trump and his trusty television attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Right before the midterm election, a human rights organization went international. The alleged crimes are among the worst yet.

The organization is Avaaz, a global human rights organization based in Washington, D.C. and says it has 48 million members. It called upon Dutch prosecutors to investigate the two men for a criminal multi-billion dollar money laundering scheme, according to The DC Report. Giuliani’s former law firm was also involved.

The investigation will look into how money stolen from a former USSR (Soviet) satellite nation ended up helping POTUS. The reason the Dutch were involved was that the “Dutch service providers helped to cover up the money laundering acts.” Remember, the first person indicted by Muller was a Dutch man married to the daughter of a Russian oligarch.

According to

The complaint describes “one of the biggest fraud cases ever” in which “some of these money flows ultimately ended up in the Netherlands” because “Dutch service providers helped to cover up the money laundering acts.”’

The report continued:

‘ The money laundering network started in Kazakhstan, where a figure of up to USD 10 billion was purportedly embezzled. This money was subsequently circulated by two Kazakh oligarch families via a worldwide network of shell companies. A number of these companies were established in the Netherlands. The money was subsequently invested in real estate projects in the United States and Europe, after which it was paid out as “profits” via – once again – a network of shell companies.’

The way it worked is through sophisticated methods of hiding corporate profits and income to avoid legal taxes. When money laundering becomes involved, that become “aiding and abetting criminal tax evasion.”

The investigation will check into how Rudy Giuliani’s former law firm, Bracewell & Giuliani, managed the scheme. Avaaz called upon investigators to look into “the giant web of corruption” responsible for Trump’s rise to fame.

A television program in the Netherlands did an investigative piece on Trump and his link to Russians in 2017. Its follow up on the president looked at “Trump’s business partner’s role in a Dutch money laundering scheme.”

Avaaz wanted the investigators to look at Russian money “flowing to various Trump projects using so-called anonymous wealth companies (shell companies).” The reason was that the Trump family has bragged about vast sums of money coming from Russians. Still, Trump has denied all knowledge of money laundering.

Somehow, about $10 billion was sliced away from Kazakhstan, the Soviet satellite nation in Central Asia. Now, the Kazakh government has been trying to recover the money and prosecute whomever stole it.

Price Waterhouse Coopers discovered the missing money in 2009 during an audit of the largest bank in Kazakhstan, BTA Bank. Another $300 million went missing from the largest city in Kazakhstan, Almaty. Court documents revealed the alleged thieves were oligarchs Viktor Khrapunov and Mukhtar Ablyazov.

As far as Trump’s SoHo project, it allegedly:

‘…has multiple ties to an alleged international money laundering network. Title deeds, bank records and correspondence show that a Kazakh family accused of laundering hundreds of millions of stolen dollars bought luxury apartments in a Manhattan tower part-owned by Mr. Trump and embarked on major business ventures with one of the tycoon’s partners.’

Since the early 1980’s, Trump has worked with Russian oligarchs and other rich past officials in the former Soviet states: Kazakhstan, Georgia and Azerbaijan. One of those people was Felix Sater, a Russian living in the U.S. Members of the Russian mob also live in Trump Tower. Sater has been cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.