Trump Hits Rock Bottom During Election Day Twitter Panic & It’s Insane


Mr. Trump couldn’t stand the fact that Election Day was on Tuesday. Since early Monday morning, the president has tweeted at least 29 times as he panics about what the midterm election results hold. It was Trump’s last chance to squeeze in some more lies before the voting began.

Mr. Trump was spitting out tweets on Tuesday morning in hopes of swaying people to vote for his GOP partners in crime. First, he issued a tweet about Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley leaving the arena early on Monday night during a rally designed around him. He tweeted:

‘There is a rumor, put out by the Democrats, that Josh Hawley (R) of Missouri left the Arena last night early. It is Fake News. He met me at the plane when I arrived, spoke at the great Rally, & stayed to the very end. In fact, I said goodbye to him and left before he did. Deception!’

It seems though that Mr. Trump is lying yet again. His favorite show,  “Fox & Friends,” even reported that Hawley did not stick around for entire rally. Hawley is running against current Senator Claire McCaskill in one of the GOP’s most eyed races.

Twitter let Mr. Trump know the truth:

A few minutes later, the president issued another tweet, attempting to rally up votes for Representative Peter King (R-NY). He said:

‘Congressman Peter King of New York is a hardworking gem. Loves his Country and his State. Get out and VOTE for Peter!’

Many people made their opinions known though:

The best tweets of the Trump presidency are yet to come on Tuesday night.
Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube