Audio Of Whitaker Talking Prosecuting Hillary Clinton For ‘Illegal’ Email Leaked To Media


As expected, although possibly not quite this soon, Trump fired his own appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday before the midterm vote count had even been completed.

Trump bypassed deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein when he appointed an acting attorney general to replace Jeff Sessions, appointing Justice Department official Matthew Whitaker, instead. A tweet from Scott Dworkin, which includes audio of Whitaker discussing the Clinton investigation into her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state under President Obama clearly explains why.

‘We all know that the Clinton private email server was a violation of law. The only person that can enforce that act is the attorney general, and this administration clearly has no interest, whether it was Holder or whether it’s former U.S. Attorney in New York named Loretta Lynch, you know, either one, has no desire to go after Hillary for these violations of federal law. And you know, so we’re sorta stuck here in a situation where again the law doesn’t for some reason apply. It’s very clear what the law says but it doesn’t apply to Hillary Clinton or anybody on her senior staff that was also using this secret email server.’

It is actually very clear what the law said when Clinton was using a private email server. According to a report by the Office of the Inspector General, it says:

‘Laws and regulations did not prohibit employees from using their personal email accounts for the conduct of official Department business.’

Whitaker went on to explain that Clinton had used the server to cover for Sydney Blumenthal, who he believes was acting a foreign agent for the Clinton Foundation. All of these accusations were Trump talking points during the 2016 presidential campaigns.

There was no violation of the law in Clinton’s use of a private email server. Multiple investigations turned up no evidence that she had done anything wrong, and former FBI Director James Comey stated under oath that there was no basis for prosecution or further investigation. Even Clinton’s deletion of personal emails before turning the server over for inspection, which she did in consultation with a team of attorneys, followed the law.

Trump has officially appointed a tinfoil hat-wearing sycophant to head up the investigation into himself. The constitutional crisis we have now entered is fully underway.

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