CNN Issues Fiery Late Night Response To Jim Acosta’s Press Revocation (IMAGE)


The press conference on Wednesday, which included a tense exchange between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and President Donald Trump, continued to boil over as the news outlet responded to insane accusations by the White House that Acosta assaulted a female White House aide during the exchange.

The tweet was issued in response to a Twitter thread by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who lobbed the accusations from her official account.

A slowed down video of the encounter shows clearly the the White House aide touched Jim Acosta and not the other way around. In fact, the woman touched him four separate times before his hand bumped her arm as she reached in multiple times to snatch the microphone from his hand. At the time, Acosta was attempting to ask the president about the racist and violent rhetoric he had used against a group of migrants attempting to seek asylum in the United States.

See the slowed-down version below:

As a result of the exchange, the White House used their version of the event, the version that included Acosta assaulting the aide, to justify pulling his press credentials. CNN’s White House correspondent was informed by Secret Service that he would no longer be allowed to enter the White House grounds, effectively stripping him of his job.

See the exchange in real time below:

The video in no way shows Acosta assaulting anyone. In fact, if anyone was assaulted, it was the journalist with decades of experience who was simply trying to do his job and ask tough questions of the president.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube