Empowered Dem Chairman Makes Trump Tax Return Demand Announcement


As Tuesday night’s election results came trickling in, Mr. Trump finally realized the outlook for the remainder of his term does not look so good. Democrats regained control of the House, which means that the president will finally have oversight and be held accountable for his crooked actions.

One of the actions The House can take is to request the release of Mr. Trump’s tax returns, and someone is already doing it. On Wednesday, Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) says he plans to request the release  of Trumps tax returns as part of his job as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

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According to MassLive:

‘Neal, who currently serves as the panel’s ranking member, told reporters at a Springfield news conference that he would use the powerful position in the new Democrat-led U.S. House to seek the president’s tax information.’

Congressman Richard Neal reflects on the 2018 midterm election in Springfield.

Posted by MassLive on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

When asked whether Ways and Means will pursue Trump’s tax returns, Neal said:

‘Yes, I think we will.’

Neal said that he hopes the president will release his tax returns before a request is made. He said:

‘I think it is a reminder that it has to be done so that legally it meets the law. I think that  there are some precedents for this. But, I hope that the president would do this on his own, largely because every president since Gerald R. Ford has voluntarily done this.’

It illegal for any one person of Congress to release a person’s tax returns. However, Neal noted that the House Ways and Means Committee chairman “has the ability to ask for the president’s tax returns.” Even if he requests the tax returns, this would likely face legal challenges.

Rep. Neal said:

‘I would assume there would be a court case that goes on for a period of time.’

Although leadership and chairman positions for the 116th Congress have not been decided yet, Neal is confident he will take over as the next Ways and Mean Committee chair. MassLive reported:

‘The congressman, who became the panel’s top Democrat in December 2016, said he plans to focus on health care — particularly protections for pre-existing conditions — an infrastructure package, trade policies and retirement savings, if named the next Ways and Means chairman.’

Although Democrats have won control of the House, Neal said that he will be realistic about what the party can accomplish since Republicans are still in charge of the Senate and White House, and will seek bipartisan agreement.

The Congressman said:

‘There are some opportunities here on infrastructure, on prescription drug benefits and to reset the trade agenda. There are some opportunities here for cooperation.’

Neal believes that Congress “has a Constitutional responsibility to oversee the executive (branch).” He said:

‘I think that interacting, finding principle where you agree on common ground makes a good deal of sense. But, I’ve also been through three of these tsunamis — Bill Clinton in 1994, George Bush in 2006 and Barack Obama in 2010 — where the voter makes a change in the House of Representatives. I think we have to, in some measure, reflect the emotions that were offered last night, but also a rejection of many of the policies that have been embraced over the last eight years.’

Trump has already threatened Democrats about using their subpoena power. On Wednesday, he tweeted:

‘If the Democrats think they are going to waste taxpayer money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of classified information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!’

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