Kellyanne Conway Goes On ‘CNN’ & Has Post Mid-Term Meltdown For The Ages (VIDEO)


Some are questioning whether Tuesday’s election results were really and truly a “blue wave.” However, if you ask anyone in the Trump administration, they are going to deny it was anything close to a blue wave despite Republicans losing control of the House of Representatives.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, of course, did just that Wednesday morning when they had her come out from underneath her rock, slapped some makeup on her, and put her on air with CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

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When Camerota brought up the fact that the GOP had lost control of the House, Conway started talking about Obama. You know, because the answer to everything the Trump administration doesn’t want to answer is Obama. Conway tried to spin it as if Obama’s loss of the House in 2014 was worse than Trump’s loss.

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Although the GOP gained 63 seats back in 2014 and the Democrats gained less than that, a loss is still a loss. Trump and the GOP have lost control of the House of Representatives. Don’t try telling that to Conway, though.

‘Right, that was to be expected. Not the way President Obama lost it, 63 House seats. Not a shellacking.’

It doesn’t really need to be a shellacking though when it comes to having a majority in Congress. All you need is enough people to cover if someone comes down with a cold and can’t come in to vote that day.

When Camerota noted that it was understandable for Obama to lose that many seats as the economy wasn’t doing well at the time, Conway immediately pointed towards ObamaCare and blamed that for the 2014 GOP resurrection.

‘He lost because of ObamaCare.’

The problem is, as noted by Camerota, the economy, according to Trump, is amazing, the best, and fabulous currently. Yet, Republicans still lost control of the House.

‘So, the economy is going really well, and you still lose the House. So, clearly, voters are displeased with something.’


Making a solid, commonsense point to Conway, though, is like explaining astrophysics to a four-year-old child and even then it’s possible the four-year-old child will still understand it. Children are open minded. Conway is a blind follower of Trump. Jesus could come down and tell her Trump is the anti-Christ, and she’d scream, “FAKE NEWS!”

In response to Camerota’s solid argument, Conway then brought up historical trends.

‘No, that’s a historical trend, but this president’s engagement and the vice president’s engagement helped mitigate those trends.’

How well did they really help, though? In Florida, for example, it was expected that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum would beat Republican candidate Ron DeSantis. The same applied for Democratic incumbent Senate Bill Nelson who was expected to beat Governor Rick Scott and keep his Senate seat.

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What happened, however, was the fact that Trump loaded up on a plane and flew down to Florida for last-minute campaigning and rallying. The Trump effect took hold, and Scott and DeSantis squeaked by with razor-thin margins.

So, did the engagement of the president and vice president help? Sure. It didn’t create a wide margin, though. The GOP won regardless, however. A win is a win, but it leads one to question if the president’s influence is dwindling to some degree? If it is, how much more can it dwindle before 2020?

Either way, DeSantis and Scott owe Trump big time.

Camerota’s interview with Conway reveals one thing, though. The White House is going to take credit for this midterm election even if they lost control of the House. However, they should not be mistaken. A Democrat-controlled House of Representatives will put a stop to Trump’s dangerous agenda, and that is a major blow to the Trump presidency whether they want to admit it or not.

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