Matthew Whitaker Caught In Multi-Million Dollar Scam Shut Down By FTC (DETAILS)


We all knew that the dismissal of now-former Attorney General Jeff Sessions would come at any time after the midterm elections. What we didn’t really consider, however, is the guy that Trump would replace him with … at least temporarily.

Rather than replace Sessions with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, he has temporarily replaced Sessions with the attorney general’s chief of staff Matthew Whitaker. But, who is Matthew Whitaker anyways?

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Well, he’s someone who will fit right in with the people of the Trump administration considering it’s full of fraudulent scammers who do nothing but salivate at the idea of screwing people out of money.

In an article from the Miami New Times, they revealed the acting attorney general has a questionable past with his business dealings. They report that Whitaker was part of World Patent Marketing.

When you read the complaints from customers of World Patent Marketing, it sounds like Trump University all over again. People were told and given hope they would make millions. In the end, they were scammed out of their savings.

The Miami New Times described what the company did.

‘World Patent Marketing collected millions of dollars by promising starry-eyed inventors it would turn their inventions into best sellers. Company reps claimed invention ideas were reviewed by an illustrious board that included big names such as Whitaker, Republican Congressman Brian Mast, and time-travel scientist Ronald Mallett. (A Mast spokesman denied that the congressman was on the board and said he never accepted compensation, though he did take a campaign contribution he later returned.’

World Patent Marketing was shut down by a federal judge and was considered a scam by the Federal Trade Commission. They were ordered to pay $25,987,192 to the FTC back in May of this year. However, Whitaker was not named in the court case.

The judgment was suspended after CEO Scott Cooper paid $1 million in assets and sold his $3.5 million home.

‘The feds alleged thousands of would-be inventors were ripped off in the scheme. They lost as much as $400,000 apiece.’

And it’s being reported Matthew Whitaker, the now acting attorney general of the United States was part of that company. Even better, there’s actual video of him promoting a product, which can be seen below.

What’s sickening is the fact that once customers realized they were being scammed, they would be threatened by Cooper. They were also threatened by, you guessed it, Matthew Whitaker.

When Whitaker received an email from “A Rudsky,” he touted he was a former US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa and admitted to being on the board of World Patent Marketing’s advisory board. He threatened Rudsky with civil and criminal consequences if a complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau or if complaints were published online. Here’s a section of the response Whitaker sent Rudsky.

‘I am a former United States Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa and I also serve on World Patent Marketing’s Advisory Board.

‘Your emails and message from today seem to be an apparent attempt at possible blackmail or extortion. You also mentioned filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and to smear World Patent Marketing’s reputation online. I am assuming you understand that there could be serious civil and criminal consequences for you if that is in fact what you and your “group” are doing.’

The email was revealed in court records back in 2017 by Miami New Times. You can read it below.

Image via Miami New Times.

Whitaker will fit in perfectly with the Trump crew. In fact, it really seems like being part of these scams is a prerequisite to even being considered for a place in the Trump administration.

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