Nancy Pelosi Holds Rebuttal Press Conference & Hands Trump/GOP Their Asses


Nancy Pelosi has to be on cloud nine right now considering Democrats were able to take back control of the House of Representatives in a Trump-era presidency.

She let it be known that Democrats were ready to hit the ground running in her latest press conference.

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Although she did say she was ready and willing to work across the aisle with the president, she did manage to throw some underhanded shade at the man in orange. She said originally:

‘I worked very productively with President Bush when we had the majority and he had the presidency.’

However, later in the press conference, she noted that all the presidents before Trump valued contributions from immigrants coming to America; however, the current president uses immigration as a fear-mongering tool.

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Additionally, she also noted that Democrats and Democratic supporters are ashamed of the way the Trump administration has separated families and taken babies from undocumented mothers.

There were several questions from reporters regarding the possibility of investigations into various issues regarding Trump such as his finances and if he has violated the Emoluments Clause. When asked, Pelosi responded:

‘When we go down any of these paths, we’ll know what we’re doing, and we’ll do it right.’

However, she did say they wouldn’t go looking for a fight.

‘This doesn’t mean we’ll go look for a fight, but when we see the need to go forward, we will.’

She also noted the checks and balances set forth by the U.S. Constitution had been restored to government.

‘Yesterday’s election was not only a vote to protect America’s health care, it was a vote to restore the health of our democracy … to put an end to unchecked GOP control of Washington.’

Back in October, Pelosi said the House would be looking into his tax returns, to begin with.

That’s right, Trump. The House is coming for you, buddy.

She also responded to the fact that Trump suggested she deserves to be Speaker of the House by saying this:

‘It’s not about what you have done, it’s about what you can do. And I think I’m the best person to go forward to unify, to negotiate.’

Trump had originally tweeted:

‘In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!’

Also of note is the fact that Pelosi managed to make it through her press conference without insulting any of the press members. This is in stark contrast to Trump’s press conference Wednesday after he insulted CNN’s Jim Acosta.

You can watch the press conference below.

Twitter users responded to her press conference. You can check those responses out below.

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