New GOP Congressman Stuns ‘CNN Morning’ & Scolds Trump LIVE On Air (VIDEO)


An ultimate compliment is to be imitated on Saturday Night Live (SNL). A new congressman, who just happens to be a former Navy SEAL won in the 2018 election. He had a message for Donald Trump, but the president is not going to like it.

CNN’s New Day tweeted:

SNL’s Pete Davidson mimicked Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), saying he looked like “a hitman in a porno movie.” Texas’ 2nd Congressional District winner took it well. POTUS would do well to follow the representative’s lead.

Davison showed up as Crenshaw in SNL’s Weekend Update segment. The Texas congressman lost his eye in Afghanistan, when his translator, who was in front of him, stepped on an IED.

The blast caught Crenshaw in the face and on the front of his body. His eye was totally destroyed. The new congressman said:

‘He’s (Davidson) upset because the recent Saturday Night Live controversy has resulted in me having more Twitter followers than (him).(When) my wife Tara got the phone call that I’d been seriously injured, and I may never actually lay eyes on her again, she wasn’t alone. Friends and teammates were with her. This life, this purpose, this American spirit that we hold dear, we are not alone, we do it together.’

Later, Crenshaw remarked Americans “are not a people that shatter at the first sign of offense:”

‘SEALs don’t get offended. That’s just not what we do. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t offensive, but let’s stop demanding apologies and firings of people. Let’s just… demand that comedy actually be funny, but let’s be good people.’

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Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.