Sanders Makes Trump Impeachment For Obstruction Announcement After Sessions Fired


Wednesday was a busy day in the White House! With midterm elections over, and Republicans retaining the Senate — even picking up seats in several states — our so-called “president” is acting pretty proud of himself, despite the fact that the Democrats just won back the House.

In a shocking move earlier today, our so-called “president” fired longtime thorn in his side, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and replaced him with who people are referring to as “Trump loyalist” Matthew Whitaker.

Sessions wrote in a letter:

‘At your request I am submitting my resignation.’

In response, Trump tweeted:

If Trump thinks we don’t know what he’s trying to do with replacing AG Sessions, he’s even more stupid than I thought. It’s obvious that he HATED not being able to control the Mueller investigation after Sessions recused himself and now he thinks that replacing him with a Trump loyalist will allow him that luxury. But Democrats won’t stand for that, and newly re-elected Senator Bernie Sanders made that VERY clear in a tweet this evening.

During a press conference earlier today, Trump said of the Mueller investigation:

‘I could fire everybody right now, but I don’t want to stop it because, politically, I don’t like stopping it.

‘I let it just go on. They’re wasting a lot of money, but I let it go on because I don’t want to do that.

‘It’s a disgrace, frankly, and it’s an embarrassment to our country.’

Trump seems to have forgotten that he lost half of Congress Tuesday night. It would be in his best interests to tread lightly, but personally… I hope he continues to let his ego get in the way so that we can be rid of him sooner than later.

Featured image via Flickr.