White House Makes Jim Acosta/CNN Press Credential Revocation Announcement


The confrontation between CNN’s Jim Acosta, who attempted to ask Trump hard questions at Wednesday’s press conference about the racist rhetoric the president used about a group of migrants headed to the U.S. border, and Trump has boiled over into a fiasco.

Acosta’s press credentials were revoked by the White House and the journalist is no longer allowed on White House grounds. Secret Service informed him that he would not be allowed to finish his job of reporting for the night.

Acosta appeared on Jake Tapper’s show on Wednesday night to offer a response.

‘I had a question to ask. He just didn’t like hearing that question. He didn’t like being challenged on that point. And he certainly doesn’t like being called out for his falsehoods. But of course Jake, as you were just mentioning, that’s our job. That’s what we do over here.’

He finished by adding, “when they go low, we keep doing our jobs.” Accusing a man who clearly did not attack anyone of assault is surely going as low as possible.

Accusations have even begun to fly from Trump’s press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, that Acosta assaulted the female press aide who attempted to grab the microphone from Acosta’s hand. Sanders offered her take on Twitter.

For video of the exchange, see below:

Featured image screenshot via YouTube