BREAKING: Horrific Mass Shooting Erupts Killing At Least 12 People (DETAILS)


Reports of yet another mass shooting came on Thursday morning from Ventura County, California. Officers responding to the scene gave details to reporters in the early hours of the morning.

Twelve people were killed, including a police officer. According to NBC News:

‘Authorities confirmed that the shooter had been killed and Dean said it was too early to determine whether there was any link to terrorism.

‘Law enforcement officials say they have a tentative identification, but they’re not yet revealing the name. The gunman is a white male, born in 1990 who is heavily tattooed, the officials said.

‘Dean said on “Today” that that investigators were seeking to identify him using fingerprints and tattoos.’

Inside the bar, police were faced with a harrowing scene. The college bar was a popular spot and its “College Country Night” had drawn quite a crowd.

‘They found people hiding in restrooms, people hiding in attics. It’s a horrific scene in there, there’s blood everywhere.’

One of the people who was caught inside during the shooting, Joe Hedge, says he had attended the event with his stepfather. He described his eyewitness view of the shooting.

‘I was actually about to leave when you start hearing pop, pop, pop. It sounded like fireworks or something. My stepdad dove and took cover and yelled at me, ‘John, hit the deck! Hide!’ So I get down. And the gunman started opening fire on the cashiers, the people working the cash register on the front desk.’

Details about the shooter have not yet been released.