Jim Acosta Returns & Posts Afternoon Image On Twitter That Will Make Donald Go Crazy


The United States political scene erupted into yet another round of controversy soon after the midterm elections concluded. President Donald Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions — and the same day (this past Wednesday) his administration revoked high profile CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s access to the White House grounds.

The fault lines in that struggle continue to be drawn, and Acosta has now changed his Twitter header photo to an image of the Constitution — which in this day and age, represents a spiteful jab at the president.

The image represents the fact that in the face of the credentials denial, Acosta and his allies across the media world have taken up a stance of defending the very Constitution itself — which you’d hope wouldn’t put them at odds with a president of the United States, but here we are.

The Trump administration remains adamantly opposed to the First Amendment in practice, no matter what rhetoric they offer about supposedly being the most open to the press administration in history — as if anyone outside their base takes them seriously.

There’s no legitimate ground for the administration to have revoked Acosta’s press access, and whittling away the lies leaves nothing but a punitive step undertaken to punish a journalist for press coverage they didn’t like. They’ve made grandiose claims that he assaulted a female aide who was trying to take his microphone, but that’s just not true, no matter how many doctored videos they share. They’re the ones peddling fake news and suppressing freedom, not the mainstream media.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot