Jim Acosta Woke Up, Got Online & Sent Blistering Message To Trump


The CNN White House correspondent whom Donald Trump berated in the White House yesterday, Jim Acosta, woke up to a day that was no better. Yet, the reporter refused to back down against the president’s lies.

Acosta offered his support for the Constitution’s First Amendment for a free press. He tweeted “Believe in our freedoms:”

‘Don’t believe the lies coming from the WH. Believe in our freedoms. Thank you all for your support. We won’t back down. ?? #1A’

Acosta asked Trump some hard, but necessary, questions about POTUS’ defining immigration as an “invasion” during a White House press conference. Then, the commander-in-chief pulled out his just-beneath-the-surface “bullying behavior,” CNN reported.

The man occupying the Oval Office called Acosta a “rude, terrible person.” Then, Trump revoked the reporter’s pass to the White House and its grounds. CNN wrote:

‘Trump’s decision to revoke Acosta’s pass to the White House grounds is an outrageous ramping up of his campaign against a questioning, robust, free media.’

Then, CNN said that the president:

‘Treats his Presidency as if it’s a series of a particularly bizarre reality-TV show, the entire White House press corps should walk out. Deny him coverage. Take him off the air. Cancel his series. Leave him to rage into Twitter’s echo chamber, which is all he deserves.’

CNN noted that not only had the White House withdrawn Acosta’s pass, the reporter is up against classic Trump lies:

“(Acosta) he now faces the false claim by White House press secretary Sarah Sanders that he “placed his hands” on the female intern who tried to remove the microphone as he tried to ask more questions. This young woman should not be blamed for doing her job in what must be a tough environment. What is disgraceful is that Sanders should insinuate that Acosta has committed some sort of assault — when footage of the incident clearly shows the intern placing her hands on his arm, and not the other way around.’

The network continued:

‘This marks the lowest point in the Trump White House’s campaign against the press, and it should no longer be indulged.’

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