News Icon Dan Rather Calls Out Trump’s Attack On Jim Acosta ‘Theater Of The Absurd’


Donald Trump has broken through each presidential tradition of honor, somberness, and dignity and left the country with broken shards. With one of CNN’s most senior correspondents, Jim Acosta, Trump may have seriously misjudged what appeared to be his version of a White House reality show.

Longtime television news icon Dan Rather stepped out from behind the shadows, where so many stand, and took on a truth: Trump’s “theater of the absurd:”

‘Trump treats showdowns with the press as theater of the absurd. Don’t let the act fool you. This is about questions he will not answer or answer honestly. That’s what the press must do. Hold the powerful accountable. It’s as much a part of America as the presidency itself.’

Trump picked a disagreement with Acosta, which seemed a little too planned to be spontaneous.┬áPOTUS made his national name on a television reality show The Apprentice. As the show’s audience began its decline, the president cast about for another gig.

Rather is one of the great truth tellers of the nation, which is what journalism ultimately is. Trump does not like the truth. Anyone who can tell an average of 30 documented lies per day might clash with journalists.

Rather’s lesson via tweet urges the country to look past the theatrics, because underneath, where Trump functions, lies the question. When, the commander-in-chief starts his “theater of the absurd” act, it would be well to remember that only the press can “Hold the powerful accountable.” After all, as Rather says, responding to Trump’s near-scripted attack on Acosta:

‘It’s as much a part of America as the presidency itself.’


Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.