Direct Audio Evidence Surfaces Proving Trump Lied About Whitaker Relationship


It’s been just two years since Donald Trump was elected president, and nearly every headline about him could simply read “Trump Lies” and it would be an accurate representation of every story about him. On Friday, Trump tried yet another lie, but this one has video evidence to the contrary.

On Friday, Trump held an unhinged press conference before boarding Air Force One to Paris. When he was asked about appointing Matthew Whitaker as acting AG, he said, in no uncertain terms:

‘I don’t know Matt Whitaker.’

This is in direct contradiction to an interview Trump gave on Fox & Friends just one month ago, when he was asked about a story published by The Washington Post that reported a conversation Trump had with then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff, Matt Whitaker.

Trump replied:

‘I mean, I know Matt Whitaker.’

Trump has also seized on yet another talking point that he thinks is great during this controversy around skipping deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who legally sat in the eligible seat to serve as acting AG until a replacement is confirmed. The legal issue is that Whitaker cannot serve even as acting AG because he has not been confirmed by the Senate to any government position.

Trump has responded, in true Trump style, that Robert Mueller has never been confirmed, either.

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Trump also said on Friday:

‘Mueller is doing a report. He hasn’t gone through the Senate process. You’re saying Whitaker hasn’t. But Whitaker has — wait a minute — because he was a really distinguished US attorney in Iowa…Mueller, a big complaint people have, Mueller was not Senate-confirmed. So he’s doing a report. He wasn’t Senate-confirmed. Whitaker was Senate-confirmed. He doesn’t need this, but he was Senate-confirmed at the highest level when he was the US Attorney from Iowa?’

This, again, is untrue. Special Counsel Robert Mueller went through a confirmation process four separate times during his time at the Department of Justice and as head of the FBI. He was appointed by both Republican and Democratic presidents to head the FBI and confirmed by Senate members of both parties.

It’s no longer a surprise that Trump lies. What is a surprise, at this point, is that so many voters continue to believe him.

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