Trump Goes Crazy & Attacks Black CNN Reporter Again- He’s Getting Worse (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has apparently learned nothing after the days of American citizens being threatened by one of his supporters, inspired by Trump’s attacks on journalists, Democratic elected leaders, and former leaders, as well as others the president has attacked on his Twitter feed.

On Friday, Trump was right back to accusations and name-calling against two reporters from CNN, Jim Acosta and April Ryan. CNN also happens to be the “fake news” media outlet that Trump has repeatedly attacked which inspired a domestic terrorist in Florida to send multiple pipe bombs to their offices.

April Ryan has repeatedly clashed with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders by asking tough questions about the racist rhetoric spewed by Trump at every opportunity. Because she has refused to be silenced and forced to ask only flattering questions of the president, her life has been threatened and the news office she works for has been threatened.

With no regard for Americans’ safety, Trump finds it more important to protect his fragile ego than consider the weight and consequences of his words. It’s become a familiar, although still unsettling, story every day.

Ryan responded on her Twitter feed, ever taking the high road instead of lashing out with personal insults. The First Amendment provides for protections for the free exercise of the press, and while Trump is trying his best to take those protections away, journalists are refusing to allow it.

She also responded on CNN, reminding viewers that no president she’s covered had issues with her questions or reporting until Trump.

‘First of all, thank you for being kind enough to understand that those words are terrible for a sitting United States President versus someone who’s been covering presidents from before him and will probably after he leaves…I’ve had a great working relationship with all three Presidents, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Hussein Obama.’

For now, media outlets like CNN, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and many others continue to do their jobs despite the fear and anger Trump has inspired in his voters.

Featured image screenshot via video