Andrew Gillum Goes Off On Trump Like A Total Badass After Wild Twitter Accusation


Andrew Gillum is a fighter. That can be seen every time he gets in front of a camera or he lays down the law as Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida. He is stern, and he always says what he means, regardless of how it will be received. He and Trump are a lot alike in that way, however, Gillum actually speaks the truth, and therefore has a much bigger impact when he speaks.

So when the president of the United States tweeted about him, specifically, to imply that he is involved in some sort of election scandal, Gillum took the accusation seriously. This is how he responded:

Gillum brought down the house when he took on his opponent Ron DeSantis, who looked like he was going to cry immediately upon the start of their debate. Look at the video below for a laugh:

People responding to Gillum’s tweet are just as furious with the president as he is, and that frustration came in the form of a mass of comments bashing Donald Trump. Check out the best ones below: