BREAKING: Three More Recounts Announced As Republicans Spiral Into Tailspin


The state of Florida has seen some serious issues in the 2018 midterm election, from complaints of voter suppression, to videos leaked of faulty voting machines, to an actual recount, nothing is business as usual in the sunshine state this year. Republicans pulled out all the stops to block Andrew Gillum from defeating Ron DeSantis, and though, Gillum has already conceded, he may not have actually lost the race. Same goes for Governor Rick Scott and a few others, apparently.

According to reports, now a total of three recounts are taking place in Florida after election officials failed to meet a deadline to turn in all votes. The race that people are most worried about is the fight for the senate seat between Democrat Bill Nelson and Republican Rick Scott, who gave this desperate speech on Twitter this morning:

Sarah Revell is a spokesperson for the Florida Department of State said Saturday morning that a recount had been ordered by the Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner:

“The first unofficial set of returns for the U.S. Senate, Governor and Commissioner of Agriculture races has met the statutory threshold to trigger a machine recount. As required under Florida law, a statewide machine recount has been ordered by the Secretary of State.”

According to The Hill:

“On Friday, a judge in Palm Beach County handed the Republican governor a key legal win, ordering county election officials to turn over ballots deemed defective to a canvassing board for further review.”

“Meanwhile, a judge in Broward County sided with Scott, ordering election officials there to release key information on how many ballots had been cast, how many had been counted and how many were left to count.”

Bill Nelson released a statement Friday saying, “This process is about one thing: making sure that every legal ballot is counted and protecting the right of every Floridian to participate in our democracy. No one should stand in the way of the people of our state exercising their right to vote and to have their voice heard.”

People responded to Rick Scott’s tweet in exactly the way you’d expect. They were pissed: