Gillum Sternly Addresses Media After Taking Back Florida Race Concession (VIDEO)


Andrew Gillum originally conceded to Ron DeSantis, who appeared to be the winner of Tuesday’s midterm election for the governor of Florida. Gillum was a serious favorite after debating DeSantis and completely wiping the floor with him, but with the race taking place in the sunshine state, it was going to be a close one no matter what. In the beginning, it looked as though Gillum lost to DeSantis by just one percent, but Saturday afternoon, the Florida Secretary of State announced a recount of that race, as well as two others.

Then came Gillum’s tweet about taking back his concession upon hearing news of the recount.

Now, Gillum has held a press conference in which he laid the facts on the table, and Republicans are losing their minds over it. Check out the video below to see how that press conference went:

People responding to Gillum’s tweet above were clearly rooting for him over DeSantis, give or take a few trolls for Trump. See for yourself in the screenshots below: