Texas Firefighter Busted Ranting About Shooting Immigrants & Gets His Life Ruined


President Donald Trump may swear that he’s not a racist man; however, there is one thing that is clear. He is beloved by bigots, and his election to the White House emboldened those with racist views enough to come out and spread their vitriolic beliefs.

That’s what happened with one Texas man on Facebook. Chris Bush took to Facebook to share his idea on how to handle the issue of illegal immigration.

He wrote:

‘We should buy deer feeders fill them with pinto beans put them on the border and make a new hunting season. I wonder how many Texans will buy that hunting licenses and how many tags we would be allowed …’

The issue of immigration has been a heated one for years, and it’s become a particularly nasty issue with the election of Trump to the White House. Considering we’ve got a president who thinks that all Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists and believes that separating families at the border is appropriate, it isn’t hard to see how America has come to this point with such open and blatant bigotry and racism.

What was especially concerning was the fact that Bush served in job positions where he worked directly with the public. His Facebook listed him as a firefighter with two fire departments and listed him as employed by Acute Medical Services.

After many reported the post to the city of Bellaire, Bush was fired by the city for his post. The city released this statement:

‘Wednesday morning we became aware of an inappropriate and offensive social media post by a part-time firefighter. Upon learning of that post, we took immediate and appropriate action, and the individual is no longer employed with the City of Bellaire.’

He was also fired from his job at the Westfield Fire Department after 30 years on the job.

He was also fired from Acute Medical Services.

‘Mr. Bush is no longer employed at Acute Medical Services…As public servants, we have a duty to serve all human life that needs our help.’

Bush’s wife Cindy Bush attempted to defend him.

‘Well, I don’t believe we should let other people over until we take care of people under our freeways.’

It’s truly frightening to know that this man, someone who believes it’s okay to even joke like this, is in charge of saving people’s lives and homes. Can anyone really have faith in this man to do his job without bias?

It’s also concerning that people believe it is okay to go on social media and say these things and not expect consequences from their employers. Common sense can usually stop one from posting something beyond inappropriate on social media. However, people like Bush lack that common sense along with lacking common decency.

Additionally, Bush might have been joking. However, we’ve all seen just how easily some can be influenced into action by the words of others. Look at the recent slew of pipe bombs that were mailed out to Trump critics. Trump had openly attacked the individuals who received bombs in the mail. He called the news media the enemy of the people and lo and behold CNN received a pipe bomb in the mail.

Bush’s words could have been read by someone who would have been inspired to go to the border with their easily obtained firearm and kill every Latino they see.

Featured image via Twitter screenshot.