Trump Threatens To Let California Burn During AM Twitter Rant & Gets Checked Hard


The current president of the United States hates the state of California with a white hot passion that he lets explode onto his Twitter page on a regular basis. The successful liberal government in California contradicts everything Trump says about liberalism, and he simply cannot stand the fact that politicians from the state, as well as celebrities, stand against him in full force.

So what does the president do to retaliate against these rogue politicians and entertainers with opinions? He threatens to let the entire state burn to the ground.

Check out what Trump tweeted from France at midnight:

The entire state of California is in mourning after the deadly shooting in Thousand Oaks, which claimed the lives of 12 people, and the deadly fires that threaten to destroy the state’s very legacy. Paramount Ranch was decimated Friday, and this is what the Pacific Coast Highway looks like as people in Malibu are evacuating.

Image via Twitter

Now, people are pissed off, and they want the president to know that they understand exactly why he is retaliating against the state of California, and it has nothing to do with being angry about the devastation these fires are causing. Check out what people had to say to the president blow: