Trump Tweets Disgusting Afternoon Lies After Three Florida Recounts Announced


The president isn’t exactly known for his honesty, even in statements that would have no impact on he himself in any way. Trump just has a problem with facts in general, and the gargantuan amount of complete and utter lies he has told in the past three years is so disturbing that historians are saying that Trump could change the entire face of America.

After three recounts were ordered by the Florida Secretary of State, Republicans lost their collective minds, and as leader of the derps, Trump had something to say about it, even if it was just 12 words:

Check out the angry reactions to Trump’s tweet below and judge for yourself just how deranged the big orange goon really is. The nation has never seen anything like it, and will hopefully never repeat the mistake. As unconstitutional as it is, people who are ignorant really shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

Check out the best responses to Trump’s tweet below: