Trump Wakes Up In Paris & Humiliates Himself With Bratty 4-Tweet Toddler Rant


While California is on fire, with loss of life and homes getting larger by the minute, one would expect the so-called “POTUS” to be concerned, but no… Instead, he’s more concerned about defending the choice he made when appointing new “acting” Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

We all know the above is a total crock, and thankfully Twitterers all over were happy to point it out. Here are just a few examples:

Meanwhile, as we mentioned above, California is literally ON FIRE! I guess someone in his staff must have alerted him to that situation because he finally did say something about it this morning. Only… There were none of his usual “thoughts and prayers” in this tweet. Nope. This tweet was to complain about how horrible California’s forest management is.

Yes. That is a real tweet from our illustrious “president.” He is blaming California for the fires and threatening to take away the money from the government that is already paid and set aside in order to help the people who are literally burning right now.

I’m seriously disgusted while writing this, and I’m not alone. Check out some of the responses he got after posting that tweet:

And if you thought that was the last thing he had to say, this morning? Nope… There’s more…

He is seriously celebrating in Paris right now. He’s there celebrating the “end of a war, in particular that one, which was one of the bloodiest and worst of all time” and asks us what could be better than that?

I’ll show you what could be better:

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