Tucker Carlson Attack On Gay Latino Immigrant Caught On Video


Michael Avenatti is a force to be reckoned with, and that is something that Republicans are having a serious problem with. They simply hate everything about him, and the reason for that is Michael Avenatti is the biggest pit bull Democrats have ever had in their corner. He takes the hits and keeps on coming, and now, he has opened a door that will surely lead to some serious conservative tears.

Tucker Carlson is one of the most vile commentators on Fox News, and unlike the actual journalists who work for Fox, Carlson does nothing but spew his very narrow view of the country, and the world in general. He is so full of unbridled hatred that his 1970’s haircut isn’t thew only reason he’s hard to watch.

Now, apparently, his anger has gotten the better of him. According to a tweet from Avenatti, Carlson is under investigation for assaulting a gay latino immigrant.

Twitter went berserk over the video, unleashing a barrage of comments on Avenatti’s tweet that are undoubtably against Tucker Carlson’s actions. In the age of trump, people like Tucker Carlson think they can do whatever they want. Twitter wasn’t having it. Their reactions are below: