John Kerry Goes Cutthroat In Response To An Ignorant Fox News Host


The propaganda arm of the Republican party, Fox News, just loves stirring up anger and divisiveness in this country. They lie just about as much as Donald Trump does in their quest to pull the wool over the eyes of their viewers. Well today, former Secretary of State John Kerry got fed up with one of the blowhards on Fox and went off on one of their hosts, Greg Gutfeld, on Twitter. Kerry had posted a tweet about how Trump had insulted the memories of thousands of war veterans by skipping a Saturday visit to a French World War I cemetery because he was afraid of a little rain. After Gutfeld responded with an insulting tweet Kerry went off on him, even calling him a fool.


The Hill reported that Gutfeld was referring to the time Kerry was criticized for failing to send a top-level official to a Paris anti-terrorism rally in 2015. He was subsequently mocked for bringing singer-songwriter James Taylor to perform his well-known version of the Carole King song “You’ve Got a Friend” in France.

It’s great that Kerry was able to pull out the ultimate truth on the notorious loud-mouthed Gutfeld. It’s true that our veterans all served for us to have the rights and freedoms we enjoy, and we should all be thankful they did that for us, even though we occasionally have to suffer fools because of their sacrifices.

This whole thing started because Donald Trump is afraid of a little rain. Maybe it’s because he’s afraid that whatever that thing is on his head will drown or something. We all know he has problems with umbrellas so it could be that too. Whatever his reason, it was very disrespectful that Trump skipped the ceremony. Sadly, we’re used to him being disrespectful by now.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube