Rising Star Democrat Unseats Longtime Republican Congressman


Even though Republicans have tried their best to hijack last week’s election using voter suppression, things went well for Democrats. Now Republicans are trying to have races called in their favor by attempting to keep all votes from being counted and that’s not working out well for them either. Today all the votes were finally counted in the 48th district in Orange County, California and Democrat Harley Rouda was just announced the winner. The Associated Press announced Rouda’s big win just a little bit ago on Twitter.

Rouda who was a first-time candidate unseated 30-year Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher who had all kinds of crooked ties to Russia. Democrats placed a huge target on Rohrabacher’s back because of those ties. In fact, they spent millions of dollars to flip the seat. Rohrabacher was corrupt and dangerous and Democrats knew that he had no place in our government.

Dana Rohrabacher

Even though Rohrabacher was working closely with Russia, that didn’t stop these new types of Republicans from voting for him. The race was so close that a winner wasn’t announced until all of the mail-in votes had been counted and Rouda came out victorious. It’s unfortunate that Republicans don’t mind their politicians acting like traitors to this country. They have never been like that before now. In the past they would have screamed bloody murder if one of the people in our government had such close ties to Russia.

It’s apparent they can no longer call themselves the party of the Patriots or the party of law and order. Heck as long as they win they don’t care what kind of people they vote for and that’s a crying shame.

Winner Harley Rouda

With that said…congrats to the newest member of the Democratic-controlled House, Harley Rouda. Go to Washington and do a great job while you’re there.

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