50 Nations Reach Cyber Crime Agreement – Trump & Putin Refuse To Sign


These days, Mr. Trump does not seem to be falling in line with what other world leaders are doing or trying to do what is in the best interest of our country or for our relations with the rest of the world. Trump made a visit to Paris, France, on Saturday, which included meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. However, he declined to join the other world leaders for a World War I memorial at a U.S. cemetery because of the rain.

On Monday, it was reported that 50 nations and over 150 tech companies pledged to do more to fight criminal activity on the internet including interference in elections and hate speech. However, the U.S., Russia, and China were not among the 50 that were part of the pledge.

According to The Associated Press:

‘The group of governments and companies pledged in a document entitled the “Paris call for trust and security in cyberspace” to work together to prevent malicious activities like online censorship and the theft of trade secrets.’

The document is supported by EU countries, Japan, and Canada, and is also being supported by tech giants including Microsoft, Facebook, and Google. At the front of the initiative is French President Emmanuel Macron. The Associated Press reported:

‘Speaking at the Internet Governance Forum organized at the Paris-based U.N. cultural agency UNESCO, Macron said it’s urgent to better regulate the internet.

‘The French leader also said that Facebook had accepted to let a team of French officials observe the way it monitors and removes hate speech content.’

Macron spoke about the initiative, saying that the goal is:

‘(to) elaborate precise, concrete joint proposals about the fight against hate speech and offensive content.’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also spoke at another summit focusing on new technologies in Paris city hall. He said:

‘One of the things we have to do as a society as tech leaders but also as government is reassure people that the innovation, technology … is going to empower them in ways they will feel part of the world we’re building, of the workplaces we’re creating.’

Corrupt Trump and Putin cannot pledge to fight election interference when they are knee-deep in the crimes themselves. As most Americans know by now, last May, Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to oversee the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election. There is plenty of evidence pointing to the fact that the Trump campaign and Russian officials were in communication before the election. There is also strong speculation that more indictments are going to come in the near future.

In addition, let’s not forget that Mr. Trump is guilty of his own cyberbullying on a daily basis it seems. It is clear that Trump has been the largest bully of the press, and even referred to them as “the true enemy of the people,” which has escalated into a hostile and dangerous climate for reporters these days.

Mr. Trump slings insults on a daily basis, and people saw the irony when First Lady Melania started a anti-cyberbullying campaign of her own, and now the fact that the U.S. won’t sign on to a pledge to fight cyber crime kind of makes Melania’s campaign null and void. The so-called president of the United States is as corrupt as they come.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube