Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Is The Projected Winner Of AZ Senate Race


For the past week, we’ve all been waiting to hear who the winner of Arizona’s nail-biting Senate race will be, as Kyrsten Sinema hopes to beat out Martha McSally. If she wins she will take over Republican Jeff Flake’s seat to become the first Democratic Senator elected in Arizona since 1988.

The race has been so close that a winner was not projected, and it has come down to every last vote being counted, despite efforts by Republicans to put a stop to it.

But today, everything seems to be falling into place and it looks like Democrat Kyrsten Sinema will indeed be the winner — Arizona has flipped a Senate seat in a district statistically won by Republicans for decades.

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report tweeted:

People all over Twitter are celebrating her projected win:

This win means that Democrats have now flipped seats in both Arizona and Nevada, with Florida still left to call. Republicans will still hold the Senate majority, but this is no doubt a very positive step in the right direction for Democrats.

Donald Trump may seem excited about his “win” in the Senate but the truth is, he’s losing his grip on his government one Congress seat at a time. With Democrats now controlling the House, Donald will no longer be able to rule like a dictator — he will have people to answer to now, and with Pelosi back as Speaker of the House, these next two years will not be easy for old Donny. Let’s hope he doesn’t make it that long.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot