High School’s Class Of 2019 Take Photo Of Students Doing Nazi Salute (IMAGE)


Again, another incident of emboldened racists is making its way across social media, and as always it’s absolutely disgusting and serves as proof that racist Americans have become more confident in their racist skins since the election of Donald Trump.

In Wisconsin, what should have been a normal photo for junior prom turned into a racist statement made by a large group of young men.

If you can’t tell what the large group of boys is doing, they are doing the sieg heil salute that Nazis are so proud to make regularly. They are also standing on the courthouse steps. What a wonderful representation of the city of Baraboo.

The photo ended up on Twitter Sunday night and is the male class of 2019 at Baraboo High School in Wisconsin. When posted to the account (which has since been deleted), they bragged they got the black kid to also perform the disgusting gesture.

‘We even got the black kid to throw it up #BarabooProud’

Also seen in the photo, is a boy making the OK sign. The OK sign is a gesture used by white nationalists.

Even worse, a parent was responsible for taking the photograph.

The superintendent Lori Mueller has said they are investigating.

‘The photo of students posted to #BarabooProud is not reflective of the educational values and beliefs of the School District of Baraboo. We are investigating and will pursue any and all available and appropriate actions, including legal, to address.’

That sounds great; however, many former students of the high school complained the school system did not address complaints of racism and bullying in the past.

One former student shared an Instagram post where a fellow student had called her the n-word. The school did not punish the student.

‘I would also like to let you know that I went to baraboo high school and graduated in June. I’m mixed and a classmat of mine posted this about me. When my friend reported it to the school, they did nothing. They said “they couldn’t prove it was her” even though one of her friends told them it was her.’

Another former student claimed a student in the actual photo celebrated Trump being elected to the White House by yelling, “White power!” The school claimed it was the student’s First Amendment right.

‘I also went to Baraboo High School, and have had some problems with the boys in the prom picture. The day after President Trump was elected, I heard one of them shouting “White Power!” in the hallway. I immediately went to a school official, but was told that nothing could be done because it was his first amendment right and he wasn’t harming anyone. I was then told that I should look up videos of Black Lives Matter protestors being hostile towards police, and that I should get a tougher skin. I left the office upset, but never pursued it further because of the initial response to my complaints.’

It sounds like the school superintendent has plenty of investigating to be done. You can read a few more complaints from former students below.

Featured image via Twitter screenshot.