Trump Steps Off Air Force One & Declares Winner Of Florida Recount Like A Dictator


The president is back to interfering in American elections after his return from a ridiculous trip to France in which he was humiliated by French President Emmanuel Macron, harassed by that giant Trump baby blimp, his motorcade hit by a naked protester, and he was seen getting friendly with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

The president ranted about trade for his first three tweets of the day, and then he mentioned the recount currently taking place in the state of Florida. Before he left, Trump accused Democrats of illegally trying to “steal” the election, now, this is what he has to say:

So, because the president claims that the recount is rigged when there is absolutely no proof of that whatsoever, he says that we “must” go with election night tallies, which led to a win for Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott.

That logic isn’t good enough for the smart half of the country who know that it was election night that was rigged for Democrats to fail. People on Twitter were furious at the president’s ridiculous claims. Check out the things they said in the comment section of the tweet below: