Man Who Shot At Black Teen Trying To Ask For Directions Sentenced To Prison


It is no secret that a black man in America cannot walk down the street without the risk of being stopped by police or even shot at. That was the case for a 14-year-old boy who got lost after missing his school bus. When he went up to a house to knock and ask for directions, a white man answered the door with a shotgun and fired his weapon at Brennan Walker.

Now that white man will be serving prison time for his shoot first, ask questions later attitude.

Fox 4 reported retired firefighter Jeffrey Zeigler was found guilty by a jury of his peers for assault and a weapons charge. The judge presiding over the case ordered Zeigler to serve 2-10 years for the assault charge and 2 years for the weapons charge.

‘The judge ruled Zeigler spend 2-10 years in prison on the assault charge, and 2 years for the weapons charge, to be served consecutively, not concurrently. He also gets credit on the weapons hare for 35 days time served.’

Zeigler tried to justify his actions by claiming his wife Dana saw a black guy standing at their front door and was scared he might be breaking into their home during broad daylight. In response, she woke her husband up to save the day.

‘Zeigler’s wife, Dana, testified that she panicked when she saw “a black person standing at [her] door” and so she woke her husband up from a deep sleep. She testified she thought the person was trying to break in. The couple had dealt with a number of other breakins over the years.’

Miraculously, Brennan wasn’t hit when Zeigler shot; however, the emotional trauma of being shot at simply because you’re black will always be there. Brennan’s mother said she tried to not view it as a racial issue, but there was no way around it.

‘I tried to keep race out of it but we pretty much all know that’s what it was. If there was a button that I could press for me to pick what color I could be – just so I wouldn’t have to deal with this type of stuff – I would have to be your color.’

It’s absolutely shameful that black people have to live in fear for their lives when all they want to do is knock on someone’s door and ask for directions. A life could have been erased in the blink of an eye simply because his skin was black.

Of course, Zeigler apologized saying he had done quite a bit of soul searching while in prison before his sentencing. He said he was “full of regret and remorse, and that he wishes he could change what happened.”

Well, of course, he does! He wishes he would have taken two seconds to answer the door and assess the situation before shooting because now he’s going to get to serve time in prison.

You can check out footage of the shooting from Zeigler’s security camera below.

Featured image screenshot from Twitter video.