Black Georgia Senator Placed Under Arrest While White Lawmaker Watches (DETAILS)


Even black lawmakers don’t receive the basic respect all human beings should receive. Case in point is one Georgia lawmaker who claims she was singled out by police during a protest because she was a black female.

Sen. Nikema Williams, who is a Democrat, was protesting outside Georgia’s Capitol building when she was arrested by police. A white lawmaker was attending the protest; however, he was not arrested.

Williams commented:

‘I joined [the protesters] on the floor, and I was singled out as a black female senator. I was singled out and arrested for standing with so many Georgians who are demanding that every vote be counted.’

The other lawmaker who attended the protest and wasn’t arrested backed up Williams’ claims and said he was in the same area as Williams, yet he wasn’t arrested. State Rep. David Dreyer commented:

‘But for some reason, Sen. Williams was treated differently than I was treated.’

Protesters attended the protest to call for every vote to be counted in the gubernatorial race between Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp. After a week of counting, the race is still too close to call; however, Kemp has already declared victory despite the fact he leads by only 58,000 votes.  He claims the uncounted votes are not enough to change the results of the election.

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In Georgia, if a candidate has less than 50 percent of the vote a runoff will be held. Kemp currently holds a 50.3 percent lead.

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The Ga. Dept. of Public Safety told the Washington Post that protesters were charged with misdemeanors.

‘The Georgia Department of Public Safety said in an emailed statement Tuesday that demonstrators were charged with misdemeanors under a law that makes it illegal to disrupt meetings of the state legislature with “loud, threatening, or abusive language.”‘

Williams was also charged with obstruction of justice, which is a misdemeanor.

Despite being arrested and jailed for protesting, Williams said she was proud to be part of the protest.

‘I am incredibly proud and will continue to stand with the citizens of Georgia to demand that their votes be counted.’

She added:

‘I will continue to stand with citizens of Georgia to demand their votes be counted, because that is the bedrock of our democracy.’

At this point in the counting, federal judge Leigh May ruled that Gwinnett County must count ballots that may have a missing or incorrect birth year. She ruled it violated the Civil Rights Act.

Furthermore, federal Judge Amy Totenberg has ruled the results cannot be certified by the secretary of state until Friday.

Of course, police will say they did not target Williams based on her race. However, it’s hard to believe that when the white man wasn’t arrested, yet the black woman was. Furthermore, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t about race when the Democratic candidate for governor is also black.

If you troll through social media, you’ll see the racist memes that target Abrams. It is about race. It’s always been about race, and unless something changes, it’s always going to be about race.

Additionally, it’s insulting to know that there are votes that aren’t counted. From an early age, we’re taught that our vote matters, and we should vote. However, that’s far from the truth when races are too close to call, and politicians are willing to destroy the idea of democracy to put themselves in office.

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