Post Mid-Term Chaos Inside W.H. Leaked To Wednesday WaPost & It’s Out Of Hand


Since the midterm elections, Mr. Trump has been reportedly angrier, and during his recent trip to Paris, he skipped a World War I memorial at a U.S. cemetery in Paris simply because he did not want to go out in the rain. Then, back in the U.S, in another unprecedented action, he skipped a Veteran’s Day memorial at Arlington Cemetery.

On Wednesday, it was reported that Mr. Trump even ripped into British Prime Minister Theresa May after she made a phone call to Trump to congratulate him on the midterms. As Trump flew to Paris last Friday, he berated May for Britain not doing enough to contain Iran. He went on to question her over Brexit and complained about the trade deals he sees as unfair with European countries. Post Mid-Term Chaos Inside W.H. Leaked To Wednesday WaPost  & It's Out Of Hand Corruption Donald Trump Election 2018 Foreign Policy Mueller Social Media Top Stories Veterans Videos

What followed after that incident were “five days of fury” as evidenced by senior administration officials, Trump confidants, and foreign diplomats. This has also been evident in Mr. Trump’s daily tweets. One senior White House official said:

‘He was frustrated with the trip. And he’s itching to make some changes. This is a week where things could get really dicey.’

According to The Washington Post:

‘During his 43-hour stay in Paris, Trump brooded over the Florida recounts and sulked over key races being called for Democrats in the midterm elections that he had claimed as a “big victory.” He erupted at his staff over media coverage of his decision to skip a ceremony honoring the military sacrifice of World War I.’ Post Mid-Term Chaos Inside W.H. Leaked To Wednesday WaPost  & It's Out Of Hand Corruption Donald Trump Election 2018 Foreign Policy Mueller Social Media Top Stories Veterans Videos

Trump was also angry over French President Emmanuel Macron’s rebuke of rising nationalism, which Trump took as a personal attack. Then, after a difficult meeting with Macron, officials report that the president made very little progress over trade and Iran.

Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said:

‘He’s just a bull carrying his own china shop with him when­ever he travels the world.’

Trump has also been threatening to shake up his administration again, telling his advisers over the weekend that he planned to remove Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and that he also was seriously considering replacing White House chief of staff John F. Kelly. Kelly had rallied this week to try to save Nielsen’s job.

A senior White House official also said Mr. Trump has been talking more about getting rid of Kelly. The official said:

‘But he’s done this three or four times before. Nothing is ever real until he sends the tweet.’

According to The Post:

‘During Sunday’s flight to Washington from Paris, aides filed into the president’s private cabin to lobby against the leading contender to replace Kelly, Nick Ayers, who is Vice President Pence’s chief of staff. These aides told Trump that appointing Ayers would lower staff morale and perhaps trigger an exodus. But the president has continued to praise Ayers, who also enjoys the support of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, according to multiple White House officials.’

First lady Melania also reports that her husband has been more irritated and impatient in the past week. Trump had decided to oust deputy national security adviser Mira R. Ricardel over tensions between her and other administration officials. Astoundingly, the first lady’s office made a statement calling for her firing.

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s spokeswoman, said:

‘It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House.’

Melania did tell ABC News in an interview in October that her husband had people working for him whom she did not trust and let him know that. She said:

‘Some people, they don’t work there anymore.’

It sounds like Mr. Trump is on edge about what is soon to come. It is likely in the coming days that there will be more indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the Democratic-controlled House has plans to make his life a little more miserable.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube