Post Midterms/Paris Trip Trump Approval Ratings Released; Major Tantrum Coming


Trump returned home from his disastrous trip to Paris, France, over the weekend where he was shredded by French President Emmanuel Macron, and skipped out on a trip to honor World War I veterans at a memorial service because he couldn’t handle the rain. On Monday morning, He woke up to find out things were even worse for him.

America must have been paying attention to his actions because the Gallup Poll delivered a laughable 38 percent approval rating with 56 percent disapproving of the president.

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A 38 percent approval is dismal and one could question whether or not will decide to give up his 2020 reelection campaign. the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday that “Trump has retreated into a cocoon of bitterness and resentment, according to multiple administration sources.”

Administration officials say Mr. Trump has lashed out at aides and is “trying to decided who to blame” for Republican’s losses. One administration official said:

‘He’s furious. Most staffers are trying to avoid him.’

The Times also reported that Trump has been increasingly absent in recent days, except on Twitter where he is usually visible several times a day. The president has canceled travel plans and dispatched Cabinet officials and aides to events in his place — including sending Vice President Mike Pence to Asia for the annual summits there in November that past presidents nearly always attended.

In addition, at a unusually early hour on Monday morning, the White House informed reporters that the president would not have any scheduled activities or public appearances for the rest of the day. Monday was Veteran’s Day and Mr. Trump did not make the normally expected presidential trip to honor fallen solders at Arlington Cemetery by laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Twitter quickly chimed in regarding Trump’s poll ratings:

Just one year ago, Mr. Trump also received a 38 percent approval rating of his job performance with 57 percent disapproving, according to a Fox News poll. So, one could argue that Trump hasn’t accomplished much in the past year except for dividing the American people even further.

On Wednesday, two polls – Monmouth and Economist/YouGov – both reported that a large percentage of people do not believe the country is on the right track, with Monmouth reporting 54 percent and Economist reporting 56 percent. Economist reported that 35 percent of people think the country is headed in the right direction.

The Congressional job approval rating has also plummeted as well. The Monmouth Poll rendered a 65 percent disapproval rating to Congress and the Economist You/Gov poll resulted in a whopping 68 percent disapproval rating of Congress. Congressional approval ratings from the same polls were some of the lowest one might ever see, only reaching 23 and 13 percent.

Combining these results from all of the polls points to one blaringly obvious fact – Republicans are completely incompetent. This is why Democrats have regained control of the House, which has ignited Mr. Trump’s descent into shear madness in the last week.

The Sun Gazette wrote onWednesday that the House “will be able to unleash their subpoena power mercilessly on the executive branch,” and Trump is slowly awaking to the reality that he will have to face up to all of his criminal actions. According to The Gazette:

‘In the campaign preceding their takeover of the House, they cautiously and successfully avoided even mentioning the potential impeachment of President Trump. Yet Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee — the place where impeachment would originate — indicated last month that the committee will most likely consider impeachment of the president in January.’

A fierce winter is coming, Mr. Trump.

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