Rick Scott Recusal From Florida Election Announced & Conservatives Are Losing It


One of the issues with the Florida Senate election between Gov. Rick Scott and current Sen. Bill Nelson is the fact that Scott is still the governor of Florida. The fact that he’s able to use that to his advantage has weighed heavily on the minds of Democrats.

However, Scott has just announced he will step down from the Florida Elections Canvassing Commission. This is the commission that is in charge of certifying the election, which would officially elect an official to office.

What was truly frightening was the fact that the commission only had three members, which included Scott and two of his own Cabinet members. Tampy Bay Times reported:

‘On Wednesday, his lawyer told U.S. District Judge Mark Walker that Scott plans to recuse himself from the commission, just like he did in 2014, when Scott was running for re-election and also faced the chance of certifying the results of his own election.’

Scott recusing himself is a great thing; however, it doesn’t change the fact that his own Cabinet members are responsible for certifying the election. If they were appointed by Scott, they may be influenced by him and other Republican entities to give the election to Scott.

‘Lawyers for the League of Women Voters of Florida said they want a “neutral third party” to fill in for Scott. The only other member of the Cabinet who could replace him – CFO Jimmy Patronis – is a Scott appointee who also is also on the ballot this year.’

Despite the fact that there is a recount, let’s face it. Not every vote counts, especially in Florida. Florida’s election system is completely broken, and it will never be fixed with Republicans in office who strive to stay in office.

Republican social media users whined incessantly on Twitter. You can check out their tweets below.

Other users either applauded Scott for recusing himself or treated the move with cynicism.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.