Ex-Trump Advisor Ruins Man’s Life Over Las Vegas Shooting Conspiracy


Conspiracy theories are a hallmark of the right-wing fringe. Sandy Hook Elementary parents who lost their children to gun violence have been harassed until they were forced to leave their homes. The employees at Comet Ping Pong experienced terror from a man who believed Infowars’ claims that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were running a child sex trafficking ring out of the basement of the pizza restaurant (which, by the way, has no basement). At a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs in November of 2015, three people were killed after a conspiracy theory began that the organization was “selling baby parts.”

Jones has apologized for the Pizzagate lie and is being sued by the parents of Sandy Hook. However, he has not stopped the harmful conspiracy theories and two former national intelligence officials are helping to spread one that has a man in fear for his life.

When one reporter met with the two men, Brad Johnson and Rich Higgins, the two were quite serious about their theory, promoted by Alex Jones on his show that the Las Vegas shooter had help from a man named Brian Hodge.

According to POLITICO, the two men firmly believe in this theory:

‘There’s substantial evidence that ISIS was involved in this.’

The claims are not only without evidence but directly contradict police reports from Las Vegas police.

‘According to a final report issued by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on August 3, Paddock’s motive was unclear, but he “acted alone” and had no links to “any hate group or any domestic or foreign terrorist organization.”’

The infamous conspiracy theorist who was finally booted off social media, Alex Jones of Infowars, said on his radio show:

‘They found Antifa information in the room. The whole thing has the hallmarks of being scripted by deep-state Democrats and their Islamic allies using mental-patient cutouts.’

None of this is true, just as most of Jones’ theories are entirely fabricated. After all, this is the man who believes that government operatives are poisoning waterways to “turn the frogs gay.”

At least one of the intelligence officials is also infamous for making up conspiracy theories and was fired from his job at the Pentagon for making such claims.

‘This is “the same Rich Higgins who infamously got tossed off the NSC for writing a controversial memo warning that “Islamists,” “globalists” and the “deep state” together were trying to subvert Donald Trump’s presidency.’

Nevertheless, the two are not giving up on their theory and one believes he’s been targeted by the FBI and the Chinese government in order to silence him.

‘I was told by a fairly senior former official that the Bureau has placed everyone knowledgeable on Vegas under a gag order with threats of polygraphs. Even formers have been told, “shut the f**k up.”‘

The man they claim helped the Las Vegas shooter, Brian Hodges, says he lives in fear for his life since his name was made public.

The two men also claim that they spoke with Fox News conspiracy theorist Tucker Carlson, who was “excited” by the story, but Fox nixed the story.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has issued a dubious denial.

‘I’ve never talked to any supervisor at Fox about this story. So, nobody put the kibosh on it. The reason we couldn’t do the story is we couldn’t prove it.’

Not having any evidence of a conspiracy theory has certainly never stopped Fox News before.

Featured image via Flickr by Hakan Dahlstrom under a Creative Commons license