John McCain’s Widow Trash-Talks Trump In New Interview – Donald Seethes


It’s no secret that the party of Lincoln has transformed into the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic party of Trump. No longer the fiscal conservatives whose focus was small government and constitutional purity, the GOP is now the home of right-wing conspiracy theorists and white supremacists like Rep. Steve King (R-IA).

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Cindy McCain, widow of the late Sen. John McCain, spoke out against the far-right shift of the Republican party.

‘Cindy McCain believes her late husband Sen. John McCain would be “terribly frustrated and terribly distraught” by the current state of political discourse. She shared her feelings about the lack of civility in politics today and President Trump with “CBS This Morning” co-host John Dickerson in her first interview since the senator’s death in August.’

With far more hope than most of the country, McCain hopes the midterms loss will give Trump some humility.

‘It’s very humbling to lose and I hope he learns from it. We need our president. We need a White House that’s strong, we need a White House that’s not sparring with each other. And right now I think we’re — things are in disarray, and I would hope through this that he does learn.’

Reports from the White House, however, say that Trump has become sullen, withdrawn, and angry over the loss. Rather than dialing back the divisive rhetoric, Trump seems to be doubling down with conspiracy theories and lies about the Mueller investigation, voter fraud in Florida, and the demonization of migrants headed to the U.S. border to seek asylum.

McCain mourns the loss of her husband and his steadying voice in Congress. Few people who followed the presidential run that McCain led against Barack Obama will forget the moment that he debunked conspiracies about his opponent. His voice is missed by everyone who sees the state of America under Trump with no moral leader to guide them.

‘He was the one that was kind of the conscience of the Senate, I believe, and his ability to at least bring people together and talk about it in whatever way he could was very important, and we’ve lost his voice.’

McCain also said that even though Trump repeatedly attacked her husband, saying that he wasn’t a war hero because he was captured and held as a prisoner of war and even led jeers and boos from his rally crowds while her husband lay dying, she has tried to respect the office of the presidency.

‘My personal feeling is that he is now the president of the United States. I respect the office and respect the, you know, what this means to the country. You know, our families have had their differences and I’ll leave it at that. I mean, we are– we– it’s been– it’s at times been hard for me to listen to him about my husband, I’ll be honest.’

See the full interview below:

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